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We craft value from innovative ideas and take them to the next level.

Since we incorporated in 2011, Munich Innovation Group has become a trusted service provider for IP owners and corporations wishing to strengthen their IP defensive base.

We provide support in identifying new strategic technologies for high innovation businesses coupled with intellectual property sourcing mandates also known as technology or IP scouting.

Munich Innovation Group has been named as one of the leading IP transaction brokers in Intellectual Asset Management (iam) magazine’s annual patent market report.

In 2014 we opened Munich Innovation Labs providing technology solutions in the areas of data security and data analysis for clients in the security and defence industry.

In 2015 we spun off our medical devices division into M3i Industry-in-Clinic-Platform to connect medical technology innovators with the clinical expertise they need to optimize exploitation, dissemination and valorisation of their product innovations.

It is our goal to reduce development costs and risk, while improving usability, performance and marketability of the new product.

We provide services for every stage of the process, from early stage concept feedback to consulting on certification and pre-clinical trials.

Munich Innovation IP Advisory Services

Securing Innovation

IP Strategy

We advise potential buyers and sellers in developing suitable IP strategies.

IP Transaction Management

We handle the entire private auction process from suitable marketing documentation to approaching & negotiating with potential buyers.

Innovation Management

Based on our extensive experience we are able to advise clients in developing and implementing successful innovation management processes.

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Munich Innovation Research

We co-operate with universities, IP-intensive companies and other research institutions
Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Co-founder of Munich Innovation Group, heads the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. The Center is one of the leading research institutions in the field of blockchain technology in Germany and Europe.
Click here to learn more about the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
Munich Innovation released the study “China investiert” in co-operation with the Chair for Strategy and Organisation at the Technische Universität München:
“In recent years, a number of Chinese companies have either bought German firms outright or acquired a shareholding in them. This investment activity is being driven by a desire to gain access to state-of-the-art technology. But contrary to initial expectations, most of the new owners are not interested in draining their newly acquired companies of knowledge. Instead, we are seeing productive collaboration in research and development. Chinese companies are looking at these investments as a way to expand their product portfolios, strengthen their position in China, and gain a lasting foothold in Europe”.
Munich Innovation released the study “Chinese Champions” in co-operation with the Technische Universität München.
The report contains an exhaustive analysis of the major Chinese companies and their patent strategy in the areas of automotive, solar, engineering and electronics and has received a wide press coverage from German and international media.
Munich Innovation released the study “Uni-Patente” in co-operation with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and the University of Trier.
The report contains a detailed ranking of the patent activities of 60 German and Chinese universities and research institutions.

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