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Patent monetization has become more lucrative than ever

For companies and even national economies patents have become more valuable than ever what leads to an emerging business of patent monetization. Nonetheless, when it comes to monetization of IP assets it is often not clear what exactly is understood by it and how the process of patent monetization is working properly.

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An emerging patent market leads to further patent monetization

First it is important to understand why patents gained importance and why patent monetization has become so relevant. Basically, patents give owners the possibility to exclude other companies from the market. A possible result of a patent litigation can therefore be the prohibition of competitors to sell their products in whole areas.

Because patent advantages can mean a lot of cash for companies, patent monetization has become of vital economic importance.
This leads not only to possible higher gains for the winning party but also to reduced gains for the losing competitors. Finally, a substantial patent advantage totally pays off for corporations. Because patent advantages can finally mean a lot of cash for companies, patent monetization has become economically of vital importance. No need to say that large-scale patent battles like the one between Apple and Samsung are only the tip of the iceberg, more frequent and smaller patent struggles are carried out throughout the market. Furthermore, due to the high strategic advantages of patents a dynamic patent market for a stronger patent monetization evolved. Companies are systematically increasing their patent portfolios for they are highly aware of the possible advantages. Last but not least the most important thing of patent monetization is to commercialize the patents in the most profitable way.

When it comes to patent monetization you should consider professional support

In order to successfully accomplish a patent monetization process, it is highly recommend to count on the help of professional companies who are in possession of proper knowledge and experience in the area concerned. They both support buyers and sellers of patents by various means. Potential buyers will be provided with lots of valuable deep-detailed information about the companies and patents being offered on the market. On the other side patent sellers are offered with the best framework for their patent monetization, because their patents are offered to a large variety of potentially interested buyers. That leads to a creation of auction-like conditions helping to monetize patents as good as possible.

How Munich Innovation Group can help

Munich Innovation Group has a wide experience in patent monetization and has, due to its team‘s background, unique insight in a broad variety of industries. If you have any questions with regard to patent monetization or what Munich Innovation Group can do for you, please contact us.