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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the marketing of my patent by Munich Innovation cost?

Our first step is to study your patent and the relevant market. If we then believe that we can help you monetizing your patent, we will make you an offer. Only if we are successful in marketing your patent, we will share the proceeds in a way that we agree at the outset.

Couldn’t I just ask my patent lawyer to market my patent?

The typical role of your patent lawyer is to ensure that the patent is properly filed, administered and protected. Munich Innovation on the other side can help you monetize your idea by studying the market to understand the strategic rational of potentially interested parties in order to generate the highest return for our clients.

How much is my patent worth?

While your invention may be of high strategic relevance for company A, company B may consider it as useless. We know the limits of putting a price on a patent in a purely analytical way. Ultimately the price is being established in the market. It is our role to identify the companies with the highest strategic relevance for your patent and negotiate the best possible license deal for your idea.

Should I sell or license my patent?

This obviously depends on the commercial terms and the risks associated with them. In Europe there tends to be more a drive towards licensing whereas the US market has more patent sales transactions. Munich Innovation will guide you through the decision making process and recommend the best commercial option to you.

What should I do if my patented technology is being infringed by other companies?

Patent infringement means that a party, other than the patentee or licensee, manufactures, imports, uses, sells, or offers for sale a patented technology without permission from the patentee, during the term and within the territory where the patent is granted. We offer support to inventors and companies facing infringement cases and can help to determine the best monetization options in such a situation, depending on your desire to license or to sell the patent.

Do you provide start-up financing so that I can turn my patented invention into a company?

We love entrepreneurs! However, setting up your own company requires a lot more than “just” a good patentable idea. Suddenly it is not just the product that matters but the financing, the recruiting of suitable personnel, setting up of the sales and the overall management. Putting your idea into capable hands through a licensing arrangement may often be the better option. Talk to us if you would like to weigh your alternatives. We are very familiar with the Business Angel and Venture Capital industry and may even provide you with some helpful contacts, so that you can find out what’s best for you.

Do I need to have a patent before I talk to you?

We focus on the marketing of patented ideas including patents pending. However, if you believe that you have a ground breaking idea, we may guide you through the first steps based on a non-disclosure agreement. We may also recommend reputable patent lawyers to make sure that your patent is filed quickly to provide suitable protection for your intellectual property.

Can you help us to analyze our patent portfolio?

Munich Innovation can help you analyze your patent portfolio from different commercial viewpoints. If you have an extensive patent portfolio it is useful to conduct a classification. This would provide a list of patents being used and patents not being used which may lead to cost savings or monetization of non-core IP. Furthermore we are able to analyse the patent portfolios of your competitors which often yields surprising results.

Which services do you offer me as a patent attorney?

Our innovative analysis tools allow your client to conduct a patent-based competitive analysis. Based on those results, we can recommend commercial strategies for your client's intellectual property.

Which services does Munich Innovation not offer?

We focus on commercial strategies in the intellectual property area. We do not provide patent law or other legal advisory services nor do we finance patent ideas.

Our university already has a technology transfer office, how can you support us?

We consider ourselves a partner of the respective university technology offices. Munich Innovation can provide you with innovative IP analysis tools and patent monetization strategies. Our network of industry and country experts provide support to ensure that your innovation will be presented to the top management of suitable industrial partners.

My particular question has not been answered!

Please email us at or call us on +49 89 4161 593-0 and we will try our best to help.